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Vacuum Degasser


New Type Vacuum Degasser is solids control equipment for treatment of gas cut drilling liquid.

Product Description

This degasfier is equipped with water-ring vacuum pump and constant temperature working status. It is suitable to suck flammable and combustible gas, with safe and reliable performance.The structure of gas-water separator is reasonably designed to assure of effective separation of gas and water and free-flowing of vent pipe.

ZCQ Series Vacuum DegasserMain Technical Parameter:

Discharge capacity200~260m3/h300~360m3/h280~320m3/h
Vacuum degree280~400mmHg400~550mmHg380~500mmHg
Main motor power15kW22kW-
Vacuum pump motor power2.2 kW/3 kW(60Hz)4 kW/5.5 kW(60Hz)3 kW/4 kW(60Hz)
Inlet diameter5″6″8″
Outlet diameter6″8″8″
Overall dimension1990×1100×2300mm2200×1220×2400mm2500×1400×2100mm