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Slip Type Elevators

Product Description

The Y Series Type Slip Elevators are hoisting tools for handling tubing, drill pipe, casing, electric submersible pump and other tubular goods in oil and gas fields. It is especially fit to integral joint tubing and non-coupled casing. It is constructed in two halves of practically the same weight, four slip bodies and some inserts, providing balance and easier opening and closing. They are designed and manufactured according to API Spec API Spec 8C-specification for drilling and production Hoisting Equipment.

Technical Specifications:

ModelPipe Size(in)Max Load(KN)Max Load(Tons)
YT33.4-88.9(1.315-3 1/2)67075
YC88.9-117.8(3 1/2-7)67075
HYT60.3-88.9(2 3/8-3 1/2)1350150
MYT33.4-73(1.315-2 7/8)36040
LYT26.7-52.4(1.05-2 1/16)18020