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XJ250 Drilling & Workover Rig

Product Description

XJ250 Drilling & Workover Rig features fast moving speed and high service efficiency. Equipped with Caterpillar C9 and Allison 4700 transmission, the XJ250 workover rig can reach up to 3,500m for workover and well service. The rig is rated by customer all over the world as the best economic workover rig for its reliable performance, innovative design and economical cost.

Main technical parameters.: 

DescriptionXJ250 Workover Rig (Overhaul)XJ250 Workover Rig (Servicing)
Workover Depth3,200m(10,500ft, 2-7/8'' DP) 2,000m(6,560ft, 2-7/8'' DP)
Servicing Depth3200m (10,500ft, 2-7/8''EUE Tubing)
Rated Hook Load400kN (90,000 lbf)
Max. Hook Load735kN (165,000 lbf )675kN (151,700 lbf)
Traveling System3×4 {Φ22mm (7/8'') Wireline)
Hook Hoisting Speed1.5m/s (4.92ft/s)
Overall Dimensions(l×w×h)18.5×2.9×4.2m60.7×9.5×13.8ft16.5×2.9×4.2m54.1×9.5×13.8ft
Weight50,000kg (110,230 lb)45,000kg (99,200lb)
Max. Travel Speed60km/h (37mph), but limit 45km/h(28mph)
CarrierSelf-propeller 10×8Self-propeller 6×4
Engine Model andRated PowerCaterpillar C9/ATAAC260kW(350hp/2100rpm)
TransmissionAllison 4700 OFS
Derrick Height31m (102ft)27m (89ft)
Max. Static Hook Load735kN (165,000 lbf)675kN (151,700 lbf)
Racking Board Capacity3200m (10,500 ft, 2-7/8'' EUE TB)
Racking Board Height20.1m (66 ft), 16.8m (55ft)16.8m (55ft)
Drawwork Rated Power185kW (250hp, Double drum)
Main DrumΦ336×828mm (Φ13.2'' ×32.6'')
Max. Faster Line Pull145kN (32,600 lbf)
Sanding DrumΦ315 mm×908mm (Φ12.4'' ×35.7'')
Air Assist Brake SystemKOBELT Disc 4-7-35''    Caliper 5026-CM
Drill Floor (l×w×h)4.2×4.2×3.3m (13.8×13.8×10.8 ft)
Swivel Model andMax. LoadSL90 900kN (202,330 lbf)
ZP125 Rotary TableMax. Load 900kN (202,330 lbf) Max. Open Dia. 292mm (11.5'')