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The UC Casing Slips

Product Description

The UC casing slips Introduce:

The UC casing slips are designed and manufactured in API 7K and SY5049-91 slips for welling drilling. It is manufactured in a structure of multi-segment pieces with firm structure, light weight and large holding range, which is easy to fit the changing of the external diameter of the casing pipes due to wear and tear.

Technical Specifications:

Type8 5/8 UC-310 3/4 UC-313 3/8 UC-3
Casing OD75/88 1/88 5/899 5/810 3/411 3/412 3/413 3/8
Circular Buttons101012
Total number of segments101012
Fit BushingFit 4″ taperFit 3″ taper