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XJ350 Drilling&Workover Rig


The XJ350 truck mounted workover equipment is mainly used for shallow wells work-over operation, which mainly includes the lifting system, rotation system and chassis driving system. Workover unit has a complete configuration and wide range. It can achieve heavy repairs if provided with substructure and related parts

Product Description

XJ350 Drilling&Workover Rig is the most famous product in international workover rig market. THpetro has developed the XJ350 series based on different chassis, engines and configurations to achieve various types of operation including well workover, well service and well drilling. In Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, hundreds of XJ350s with American flag colored derricks are standing as the signature of TongHua Petro in United States.


1. The mast is available in 31m, 29m or 25m.

2. The chassis has good cross-country performance. The single drum work-over rig is with 8×8 full-driven chassis. The double drum work-over rig is with 10×8 chassis.

3. Workover unit is with the characteristic of reasonable arrangement, compact structure, good transportation performance and easy for field installation and maintenance, etc.

4. The drawworks auxiliary brake is water brake. Pneumatic tong brake and pneumatic water cooling disc brake are optional.

5. Substructure and simple working platform are optional.

Main technical parameters:

DescriptionXJ350 Workover Rig (Overhaul)XJ350 Workover Rig (Servicing)
Workover Depth3,200m (10,500ft, 2-7/8″DP)2,500m (8,200ft, 3-1/2″DP)
Servicing Depth4,000m (13,120ft, 2-7/8″EUE Tubing)
Rated Hook Load600kN (134,900 lbf)
Max. Hook Load900kN (202,330 lbf)
Traveling System3×4 {Φ26mm (1'') Wireline}
Hook Hoisting Speed0.25~1.4m/s (0.82~4.6ft/s)
Overall Dimensions(l×w×h)18.5×2.9×4.2m60.7ft×9.5ft×13.8 ft18.5×2.85×4.2m60.7×9.4×13.8ft
Total Weight51,000kg (112,440 lb)49,500kg (109,130 lb)
Max.Travel Speed45km/h (28mil/h)
CarrierSelf-propeller 10×8
Engine Model andRated PowerCaterpillar C9260kW (350hp)/2100rpmDetroit S6063298kW (400hp)/2100rpm
TransmissionAllison 4700 OFSAllison M5610s
Derrick Height31.7m (104ft)
Max. Static Load900kN (202,330 lbf)
Racking Board Capacity4,000m (13,120 ft, 2-7/8″EUE Tubing)
Racking board Height16.8m (55 ft)
Drawwork Rated Power224kW (300hp, Double drum)238kW (320hp)
Main DrumΦ406×890mm (Φ16″×35'')Φ429×965mm (Φ16.9″×38'')
Max. Faster Line Pull180kN (40,470 lbf )
Sanding DrumΦ965×264mm (Φ38″×10.4'')
Air Assist Brake SystemKOBELT Disc4-7-35″ Caliper 5026-CMKOBELT Disc4-7-48″ Caliper 5026-CM
Drill Floor (l×w×h)4.2×4.2×3.7m (13.8×13.8×12.1 ft)
Swivel Model and Max. LoadSL90  900kN (202,330 lbf)
ZP125 Rotary Table

Max. Load 900 kN (202, 330 lbf

Max. Open Dia. 292mm (11.5")